Meet The Rice Cake Brigade!

(Not to be confused with the quinoa quaffing, no sugar, no salt, no wheat, no dairy, no fun brigade……)

I am a fully fledged, card carrying member of the rice cake brigade. I admit it!

As a child of the 80’s, the decade that gave us salt’n’shake crisps, pretty much any food group in a can and TV dinners, I was brought up eating a LOT of processed foods. No judgement on my mother! It was the norm. It’s okay, I survived! So why, when I feed my kids fish fingers, waffles and spaghetti hoops once in a while, do I feel absolutely ridden with guilt?? They have a pretty well balanced diet. We don’t sit about in hessian dresses sipping wheat grass shots, but I don’t take every meal out of a cardboard box either.

As parents, we are under constant attack from various health organisations and the latest findings from some study or other.

You’re not giving your child water from the tap are you?? Oh no, dear me! This study that was released five minutes ago says that now we must stand outside overnight and harvest the pure morning dew in Tibetan bowls….

I am just struggling to get through 24 hours of feeding, entertaining, cleaning up after and not killing my children. I don’t have time to be constructing a four course tasting menu based on the bloody food pyramid that is stuck to my cupboard door mocking me daily! (I should probably take that down….)

So to balance my guilt, I try to give the girls healthy (non chocolate) snacks. Enter the noble rice cake! It comes in various sizes. It comes with various toppings. It comes in various flavors. It comes mixed with corn. The possibilities are endless!! I don’t know any mum that doesn’t have a half eaten, slightly soft, sticky pack of rice cakes buried somewhere in their bag. It holds absolutely no nutritional value other than to fill a hole in your wee one’s tummy/mouth/whining for a brief period.

And I’m okay with that!

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