Cradle to Grave; Earning The Right To Be Outrageous!

Myself and a friend went to a cafe recently for a child free birthday treat. With a sprog-less spring in our step, she went to bag a table while I went to order. As I came down from the counter with our tray-full of goodies, I overheard my friend talking to an elderly lady who had come in and was standing at the table my friend was seated at. The conversation went thusly;

Old lady: “I want to sit down.”

My friend: “Oh, can I help you to a table?”

Old lady: “I just want to sit down.”

My friend: “Ah, yes, well, we’re actually sitting here, but can I maybe move one of these seats to another table for you?”

Old lady: “No, I just want to sit down.”

My friend: “Right. OK. Um….”

Now at this stage I realized that this table, being a nice spot by the window with cushy seats, was on this ladies radar. Either out of habit or want, she was not letting this one go despite us already being settled here. With a little nod to my friend, I quickly raised the white flag and told the lady to take the table, we could move somewhere else.

As we settled ourselves at another table, myself and my friend had a bit of a giggle. We had left our demanding babies at home, but now we were being hustled by the opposite end of the age spectrum! ‘Betty’, as we christened her, was not for turning! She was going to sit there no matter what. And why the hell not, I thought. She’s earned the right to the good seats. How much has Betty seen come and go in her lifetime? How many crappy seats has she had to perch on?? Betty don’t take no shit.

She’s lived, loved and lost a lot longer than we!

I have a lot of time for old people, probably more than I do for babies if I’m honest. Not only have they experienced way more shizz than we have, but they have an awe inspiring ability to get away with some pretty outrageous stuff! I understand for some it is difficult to hear a non PC joke or comment, or to come up against a bit of cantankerous behavior, but I think it’s OK to take it all with a wee pinch of salt.

Even in my lifetime I have seen changes that have left my head spinning as to what we are/aren’t allowed to say anymore, which turn of phrase or overly complicated label we ‘should’ be using.

So I can understand that when you get to a certain age you might want to chuck your toys out of the pram, shake free the shackles of society and say “To hell with it! This is the way I was raised!!”

When I hit my golden years, I myself fully intend to be a card carrying, totes inappropes OAP!

I know that I have a lifetime of motherhood ahead of me. Of washing, cleaning, tidying, cooking, sleepless nights, snotty noses, runny bums, broken hearts, hormones and arguments. And that’s OK, that is what I’ve signed up for. But the day will come when one of my little darlings will turn to correct me, and then…, well then I will have earned the right to mess with their heads, just a little…

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