5 Silver Linings To Be Woken Heinously Early By Your Child…

If, like me, you have a small person that wakes at a completely ridonculous hour in the morning, here are five ways to put a positive spin on that cripplingly exhausting brain ache you enjoy every day!

  1. Take it as a deep compliment that your child loves you so much and thinks you’re so rad that they want to share literally all their waking minutes with you. Even as your spiky, slightly smelly 5 am self, they think you rock! Take it while it lasts because when ‘Tweendom’ hits, they will deny all knowledge of even having parent’s at all!
  2. Just think of it as yet another fond memory to add to the Big Black Book of Mummy & Daddy’s Dark Revenge, an increasingly meaty tome filled with doozies such as ‘the living room swimming pool incident’ or ‘the mysterious case of the guitar and the hammer’. Karma’s a bitch…
  3. Have you ever wondered what the dark really looks like? I mean the real, pitch-black, middle of the night, depths of your soul dark, that other losers usually get to sleep through? Well now you know because that’s every Winter morning with your little cherub! And in the Summer, you have the added bonus of a sunrise. Gift!
  4. Think of all the extra hours of worrying you can now fit in to your day! Being awake super early gives you a head start on the regular Joe, meaning you can get cracking on the disection/analysis/examination of your life nice and early.
  5. You’re just blessed to have a kid. Get over it.

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