Clear Out Your Life!

There’s nothing like a right good clear out of all the junk you’ve been hoarding to make you feel lighter, tidier, smugger about your life. Cutting loose all that crap and regaining control of the Black Hole of Calcutta under the stairs can be hugely satisfying.

So imagine if you could have a clear out of your life. How great would that be?! If you could purge your life from attic to basement.

First to go? My self consciousness. I’ve been meaning to get rid of this ever since I had my first baby. Being prodded and poked through two pregnancies, having a small audience at my business end during labour, and not being able to pooh in peace since 2013 has definitely taught me to lose my inhibitions. A nipple slip at the local pool is irrelevant these days. 

So this can go.

Then there’s the resentment I’ve been harbouring in the attic. It’s long gone out of date. When things go bad they leave a nasty odour in your life that filters down and becomes toxic. But we can still hold on to them for one reason or another. So it’s time to get rid and move on.

Next: my lost youth. I found it under the bed a few months back and brought it on holidays with me to Spain. I’ve changed my mind, it doesn’t fit me anymore! Being young was much easier when I was younger. I shall just grow old disgracefully now instead.

Sadness. I’ve had a lot of sadness in my life. But most of it has served to make me stronger. So time to let some of it go, and be happy. I might keep a smidge in a jar for the odd sad movie, or for the true tragedies in life, like the over-dunking of a biscuit. But the rest I’m dragging out of every cupboard, closet and crevice, and dumping.

Febreeze your life with happiness 🙂

And finally, I shall be chucking out the dead weight of my inner critic. The one that won’t let me wear that dress I love. The one that stops me from submitting that piece of writing. The one that tells me what a shit mother I am. The one that tells me what I should be doing all day long. About as useful as the elastic on my period pants; and just about as supportive. Be gone!

I feel lighter and smugger already!

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