I’m Having a Damn Bath!

Today wasn’t great. Nothing particularly bad happened, but it was just one of those days that gets on top of you. A series of small events that end up being a monstrous mound on your back, and you finish the day on the phone to your bestie in tears, and then going to the chipper for tea.

So as I was doing the kids pre-bed potter I thought,

“Do you know what? I’m gonna have me a bath!”

I stuck my head around the living room door to inform hubby that I would be in the bath if they were looking for me, and please don’t come looking for me. As I sank down into the hot, way over-bubbled water I wondered to myself,

“Why the hell don’t I do this anymore?”

Is it guilt? Is it tiredness? Is it the thoughts of all that moisturising afterwards??

Last year we got our bathroom done up. Lovely subway-tiled walls with a racing car green dado around the top, wooden floor effect tiles, and a nice, big sink (thank you Mr Credit Union!). Oh, and a corner bath. A much lusted after corner bath.

I’ve been in it about three times.

My husband is constantly giving out to me that I don’t use it. I point out that everyone else in the house uses it plenty, so it wasn’t exactly a waste of money! He himself is religious about his Sunday night bath-time; more for Narco’s on Netflix than anything else, I suspect.

But I never take the time to enjoy a bath.

I used to love my baths. Every Friday night I would drown myself in water and red wine, listening to Lyric FM while shaving and buffing myself pink for no reason other than it was Friday night.

Now it has become a functional wash bucket for the kids.

How sad. And how wrong!

As I sat in the bath tonight, I looked at my hands and saw all the chew marks on my fingers that the water had turned wrinkly-white. A sure sign that I should have taken this bath before now. It’s always been a ‘happy headology’ place for me, and I’d forgotten how good it feels to sink back and switch off.

I must do this more often.

We all should!

Maybe in separate baths.


*note to self: lock the door to prevent little heads popping in to gape at the eighth wonder of Mummy in the bath…

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