The Cynical Dad – Christmas

The Run into Christmas.

What a week.

After a busy weekend involving a lot of driving, Monday started off with the realisation that Christmas was only a week away. So straight onto the Argos website, click and collect, et voila! The magic of Christmas was done. Collected from Argos, fought my way around the other shops and got the majority of the gift shopping done.

Tuesday saw the school Christmas concert. I missed out on the junior section, which featured some creative casting – I always thought the three wise men brought the gifts; in this version the gold was brought by servant number 7 (not sure how the other 6 divided up the frankincense and myrrh).

The second act was surprisingly entertaining, and sensibly short.

The week took a downhill turn after that. Middle child realised on Tuesday evening that he had left his runners in the school gym after P.E. on Monday morning. Many tears and much shouting ensued on both sides, but the good runners were gone.

Wednesday involved a trip for the entire family to the doctor to be “stabbed” as one of them dramatically put it (a small needle was involved, no stabbing). However, youngest child started crying once she saw the needle, middle child had to lie down after his go, and the eldest was shaking like a leaf while trying to maintain his cool exterior.

All survived.

On Wednesday night, I got to leave the house all on my own and spoke to real live adults without being interrupted! (I will admit it took me a while to get the hang of that again).

A late night on Wednesday led to shortened fuses all round on Thursday morning. Still, all got packed off to school without any bloodshed and the last of the shopping was purchased and wrapped, ready to go.

In the evening, the youngest was tired having had not 1, but 2 Christmas parties, and the older 2 were already in holiday mode, having finished school. I had to go to a meeting so I left the eldest in charge.

I came home to find that the dog had pissed on the office floor (the only room downstairs with carpet).

Youngest had discovered it, told middle child. Middle child told eldest. Eldest (who actually owns the dog) said to contact me. Middle said I was at a meeting. Youngest gently placed a tissue over the offence and carried on, and all of them seemed happy with that solution!

At least now they’re all on 2 weeks holidays. Only a lack of routine, Christmas, New Year’s and a 15,000km round trip to the Middle East to negotiate.


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