Goonies Made Me A Better Parent

My life has been shaped by the movies of my childhood.

Legendary masterpieces such as Ghostbusters (the original one!), Labyrinth, The Never Ending Story, Gremlins, Flight of The Navigator, Explorer’s, Back To The Future, The Princess Bride and the fantastic Goonies fueled my young imagination, and supplied my sister and I with endless quotes and inside jokes for any opportunity that presented itself.

Opening the bedroom door to each other; “GHOSTBUSTERS, WHADDYA WANT??”

Whispering behind our parent’s back; “You have no power over me….”

To any given situation; “That’s the one that got me…” or, “I’m right in the MIDDLE of something here Ray!!”

Quoting films in films unbeknownst to ourselves; “It’s the er, stuff that dreams are made of”

Calling each other Doc and developing our first crush on Michael J Fox in those stone-washed jeans (we were too young to get the Calvin Klein joke at the time!)

We went from being rough and ready Goonies to wishing we were the beautiful Child-like Empress, sticking necklaces on our heads and crying “Bastian!” in desperate tiny voices.

The worlds of possibilities that opened up to us were endless and exciting, wanting to be a part of something else for that brief time, in worlds ruled by children who were fearless, parent-less, acne-less!

This anchor in my childhood has given me many things — a life long bond with my sister based on fond, fond memories, and an undying respect for David Bowie for wearing ‘those’ jodhpurs, to name but a few.

But mostly it has made me an eternal Goonie at heart with valuable lessons to teach my girls.

  1. Goonies never say die! ( I may say “kill” now and again, but never die) We never give up!
  2. NEVER let some dude look down your top.
  3. Give Mamma the rich stuff when you get home.
  4. Keep making wishes.
  5. Always keep a chocolate bar in your pocket. You never know when you may need it.
  6. Surround yourself with loyal friends.
  7. Don’t pull on strings if you don’t know where they lead…
  8. Embrace the Lotney’s in your life.
  9. And finally, follow your heart to adventure. But always be back for dinner time.


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